IdeasFarm Livestock Tools

The IdeasFarm interface is versatile and dynamic, providing a user-friendly, intuitive, and fast learning digital platform. Designed to meet international system standards, it allows you to efficiently manage records and access real-time reports

Explore Your Reports within IdeasFarm.

The Animal Inventory offers control and an overview of the herd's productive, reproductive, and sanitary status, along with specific tasks and events for each animal and group.

Animal Inventory Services

  • General Tab / Current and Historical Data.
  • Production Log.
  • Services and Heat Registration.
  • Recording of Reproductive Events.
  • Weighing and Body Condition.
  • Vaccination Protocol Registration.
  • Health Event Log.
  • Genetic Data Registration.
  • Costs Generated by Animal.
  • Historical Photographic Record.


Explore Your Farm's Map with IdeasFarm.

The Paddocks module in IdeasFarm offers you the ability to map out the productive areas of your farm, enabling precise management of grazing, silage, planting, costs, and overall farm profitability.

Paddocks Management Services

  • General tab / Current and historical data
  • Planting record
  • Crop record (grazing/silage)
  • Fertilization record
  • Irrigation record
  • Machining Event Log
  • Soil Analysis Log
  • Costs and profitability generated annually by Potrero
  • Historical photographic record


IdeasFarm Your Operational Assistant

IdeasFarm serves as a dynamic tool for creating protocols for various productive activities within the livestock sector. This functionality generates operational tasks that enhance the management and oversight of your operations.

The Operational Tasks module provides a comprehensive listing of animals for registration and control.

  • Chronological List of Birthed Cows.
  • Chronological List of Cows to Dry.
  • List of Cows to Serve.
  • List of Animals by Weighing.
  • List of Cows to Be Vaccinated.
  • List of Animals to Wean.
  • List of Animals to Deworm.
  • List of Animals for Inspection.


"IdeasFarm Reporting:

Your Comprehensive Insights Hub

The IdeasFarm reporting module offers a centralized platform to consolidate reports and indexes, all presented through an interface designed for seamless navigation and visualization.

You have the ability to define and generate reports based on specific time periods, groups, and key productive events.

IdeasFarm Reports empower you to unlock a new level of precision and strategic decision-making within your livestock management.

Among the multitude of Indexes and Reports available within IdeasFarm, you will find:

  • • (%) of Abortions
  • • Age vs. Productive Herd
  • • Labor Projections
  • • Pregnancy Status
  • • Service Fees
  • • Conception Rate
  • • Pregnancy Rate
  • • (%) of Pregnancy in Estrus
  • • (%) of Dry Pregnancies
  • • (%) of Pregnant Heifers
  • • Overall Pregnancy (%) /li>
  • • Bull Effectiveness
  • •Data per Milking Unit
  • •Somatic Cell Count
  • •Fat Content
  • •Protein Levels
  • •Average Duration of Lactation
  • •Estrus Projection
  • •Projections
  • •General Lactation Overview
  • •Open Days
  • •Pregnant Open Days
  • •Empty Open Days


Manage Your Supply Inventories Seamlessly with IdeasFarm

Take command of your livestock operation's supplies through the IdeasFarm supply module. This tool empowers you to maintain precise control over the necessary inputs, ensuring an optimal stock of your inventories.

Define your inventory, and IdeasFarm will guide you towards the optimal procurement choices. By sharing your input needs with various suppliers, you open the door to informed purchasing decisions.


With IdeasFarm, streamline your supply management process and enhance the financial efficiency of your livestock operation."

  • Effortless Revenue Oversight
  • Control Outflows of Inputs by Animal
  • Receive Minimum Stock Alerts
  • Seamlessly Connect to IdeasFarm's Registered Supplier System
  • Explore the Supplier Directory
  • Access Inputs and Outputs Financial Reports
  • Analyze Frequency of Inputs and Outputs
  • Keep Detailed Records of Inputs' Use and Application by Partners

IdeasFarm Handles Climate Tracking for You

IdeasFarm takes care of the complete climate registration process. Daily recordings of rainfall, temperature, humidity, and wind are seamlessly managed by IdeasFarm. You have the flexibility to generate reports based on your preferred timeframes and specific weather events.


  • Capture Climatic Incidents
  • Connect and Record with Management Events in Paddocks
  • Receive Weather Event Alerts
  • Tailored Weather Event Reports
  • Weather Forecasting

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